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Since December of 1987 we've had a calico cat named Saki. Saki came from a horse farm in Pasadena Maryland. She hated us when we brought her home at 9 weeks old. Wouldn't come near us; ran away when we approached her. Over time she came to tolerate us, and even prefer our company. She was never a "lap cat" though she actually became one in her old age.
Age finally overtook the poor girl. Because her kidneys were failing, she was deaf, loosing her vision, and was having great difficulty getting up on her favorite chair and even walking; she was euthanized in September 2006 at 19 years of age.
She is greatly missed.


In January 04 Sylvia became a guest at the Todd home. We took care of Sylvia, till her owner, Cindy, who moved to the Baltimore area from North Carolina, found a new home that let her have a cat.

Sylvia was a very nice cat; well behaved, very affectionate, and talkative!

The cats didn't get along at all. Saki stayed downstairs in the window or under my desk, Sylvia stayed upstairs. There was plenty of screeching and hissing if one ventured into the others territory with Saki usually dominant but still retreating downstairs. They avoided each other most of the time and it wasn't a problem.

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