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On Saturday, March 27th, 2004 a handshake settled the deal that made me the owners of a fine Morgan horse named Skipper.

Skipper is a bay gelding, 15.1 hands tall, foaled in January of 1996.

He pulled an Amish family's buggie in Smyrna Delaware. The heavy load and the longs distances were a bit much for a mere 850 +/- pound horse, so they decided to get a big standardbred and sell Skipper where he could be appreciated. I found him listed on

On April 10th I picked up a new Brenderup Horseliner trailer from Traveled Lane Trailers, Inc and in it Skipper was transported to Gypsy Haven Morgans in Galena Maryland where he received further saddle training at the hands of my friend, Donna Lyn Lemm while Passing Wind Farm was made ready to receive him. (Didn't expect to find a good horse so fast!)

Skipper has become a good reliable veteran cavalry horse weighing in right around 950 pounds.

With the sale of PWF Skipper moved to Reverie Farm in Pasadena MD.

Skipper continued as a reenacting horse until 2012. He had developed pretty severe arthritis in his front legs and galloping about with me an my gear was getting to much for him, even though he was always ready and willing to try.

The loss of my job meant I couldn't afford his board any longer, so my friend Larry Raskin took him in at his place in Woodbine until we could find him a home.

In 2013 Skipper went to live in Cecil County Maryland where he has big field to graze and no work to do.


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