Last Full Measure is a brigade scale game of the Battle of Gettysburg.

With only seven pages of rules, it impliments regiments, ranged artillery fire, command, reorganization and revovery, and cavalry charges, on a 33" x 38" map that includs the East Cavalry Field at a 250 yards per hex scale. The are 832 counters, player-aid card, Order of Arrival card, Eliminated units card, and a 16 page rule book that includs 4 scenarios, initial strength chart, and terrain effects chart.

The game is offered as "Print and Play" and is free of charge. Everything needed is downloadable from this page; though you will need to be able to view PDF's, and print in color. The map is in a PDF so it maye be printed in "Poster" mode, or "tiled" on an ordinary printer, or a full-size JPG is provided for plotters that can handle at least a 33 inch print area.

The files are:
  1. Rules 16 pages including rules, scenarios, unit strength table, and terrain effect chart.
  2. Player-aid card 2-sides card with artillery fire table, CRT, sequense of play, stacking limits, and more.
  3. Order of Arrival card Complete order of arrival for both US and CS units.
  4. Eliminated Units Chart Card with holding boxes for eliminated units.
  5. Map in a PDF 33" x 38" map at 250 yards per hex. Include turn record, and victory point record on the map.
  6. Map in a JPG As above, but without the PDF overhead so it can be printed by a plotter that can handle 33+ inches.
  7. Counters without background color for printing on colored paper
  8. Counters with background color for printing on white paper/label
  9. Counters in JPG format with NO background color for printing on colored paper
  10. Counters in JPG format With background color for printing on white paper/label

    The counter sheets are designed to make mounting 2-sides counters as easy as possible without tedious aligning or trying find thicker card or chipboard. This is demonstrated in the video below:

Sample of the Rummel Farm scenario set-up:

A portion of scenario 2, "Longstreet's First Assault" set-up showing only brigade HQs:

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