The Last Full Measure series are brigade scale Print-and-Play games of Civil War battles.

With as few as eight pages of rules, the system implements regiments, ranged artillery fire, command, reorganization and revovery, and cavalry charges.

The games are offered as "Print and Play" and are free of charge. Everything needed is downloadable from this page; though you will need to be able to view PDF's, and print in color. The maps are offered in a PDF so they may be printed in "Poster" mode, or "tiled" on an ordinary printer, or a full-size JPG is provided for printing on large format printers.

Files common to all the games:
  • Series Rules (10/26/17: Increased the stacking limit to 16 but only 8 count in combat.)
  • Player-aid card 2-sided card with artillery fire table, CRT, Cavalry charge table, Sequence of play, stacking limits, and more. (Updated stacking: 10/26/2017)
  • Eliminated Units Chart Card with holding boxes for eliminated units.
  • Terrain Effects Chart Standard TEC now in a separate file (9/27/17).

The Games are: click the image to go to that game's page
Second Manassas
South Mountain
LFM review by Jeff Capuano
LFM follow-up by Jeff Capuano


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