This edition of Last Full Measure is a brigade scale game of the Battle of Second Manassas.

With less than ten pages of rules, it impliments regiments, ranged artillery fire, command, reorganization and revovery, and cavalry charges, on a 29" x 35" map at a 250 yards per hex scale. There are 624 counters, player-aid card, Order of Arrival card, Eliminated Units card, and a scenario book that includs scenarios and initial strength chart.

The game is offered as "Print and Play" and is free of charge. Everything needed is downloadable from this page; though you will need to be able to view PDF's, and print in color. The map is in a PDF so it maye be printed in "Poster" mode, or "tiled" on an ordinary printer, or a full-size JPG is provided for plotters that can handle at least a 29 inch print area.

  • Scenario Book and unit strength table specific to Second Manassas.
  • Order of Arrival card Complete order of arrival for both US and CS units.
  • Map in a PDF 29" x 35" map at 250 yards per hex. Include turn record, and victory point record on the map.
  • Map in a JPG As above, but without the PDF overhead so it can be printed by a plotter that can handle 29+ inches.
  • Counters with background color for printing on white paper/label-formatted for printing via office supply
  • Counters in JPG format with background color for printing on white paper/label
  • Box Cover Artwork for whatever box you find for your game copy

August 28th Set-up in Zun Tzu:
August 29th Set-up in Zun Tzu:

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