A Napoleonic flavored game for up to 6 players
based on Avalon Hill's War and Peace by Mark McLaughlin.

I've been a fan of War and Peace since it came out in 1980, but I've always found the campaign to be lacking as a multi-player game. As long ago as 1986 I began tinkering with the idea of a more balanced game for 6 players based on the W&P mechanics. I set it on a hypothetical continent as part of the problem with W&P's campaign was, Europe and history. My little project didn't get much further than drawing a map before it got packed away for 30 years. Going through some boxes, I found it again and now being involved with a gaming club of young folks, a multi-player game seemed like a good idea, and so tinkering recommenced.

This thing started life being called Emperors and Empires, but that never sat well with me, so I started a list of other possibilities. In the mean time the player interaction and victory conditions became based more on another Avalon Hill title; Diplomacy and some reference to that seemed appropriate and so Musket Diplomacy is a nod to that game.

The game is still being developed. Solo play-testing reveals hiccups in the rules that have been mostly spelled out better, or changed entirely. The diplomacy and player interaction are probably the biggest departure from W&P. At some point the game will be made available here, but I need to play-test it some more first, especially with more players than just me.

1986 hand drawn map

Below are samples of the game in Zun Tzu for solo play-testing and some components.

Playtest map portion

Playtest map portion

Playtest map portion


State Display cards

Sample Counters

Playtesting in Zun Tzu


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