c. 1856; in 1/36 scale.

38 gun Frigate
c. 1812; in 1/36 scale.

Baltimore Clipper
c. 1981; in 1/20 scale.

Portuguese Barkentine
c. 1979; in 1/36 scale.
USS Evans

Fletcher Class Destroyer
c. 1945; in 1/144 scale.

Fraction/Decimal/Millimeter/Scale Charts

Greetings! This site documents my building of the models shown in the portraits above. Click on a portrait to go to that model's portion of the site.

On this page the Notes section contains technical data not specific to any one model; Links will take you to a page of links to other modelers, museums, vendors, forums, etc.

Within each model's section you'll find some History on the actual vessel; a Notes section, usually of mechanical details pertinant to that model; A Photos section where pictures of the model outside of it's construction are posted, such as sailing pictures; and what you probably came to see; the Work Log, that model's photo journal of it's construction to date.

The Models link on any page will bring you back here.

So, enjoy the site, I hope you find something of interest. Be sure to also check the Scale Sail RC group on Facebook.

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