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Society of WWI Sim Artisans

started, simply, as a group of artist sharing information and helping each other to produce 3d models and graphics for Red Baron and any other World War I oriented flight simulation. It has expanded somewhat beyond graphics and into other aspects of the Red Baron flight sim. Still, this site serves as gallery and library to showcase and/or connect to members work and make it available to everyone else.

This is not a commercial venture, in fact nothing will be posted here that asks for payment in any way.

The work presented here is the property of the individual author(s) not the group.

There is no chief - we're all indians here. Everyone has an equal say. The biggest mouth may change from time to time. I (Uhlan) appear to formally speak for the group at the moment. My reward for a good idea I guess ;)

If you are interested in joining SWWISA, you must meet some of the below listed stringent requirements:

  • you have work to offer to the flight sim community, but need a place to show it.
  • you want to learn and share your knowledge.
  • you want to improve and enhance Red Baron 3D or some other WWI flight sim.
  • you won't curl up and cry if someone says: "Shouldn't that be a little more forward than that?"

At the moment SWWISA members that want to use space on swwisa.net as well as having a swwisa.net email account have to take part in the cost sharing program often referred to as "dues." Site dues are 10 US dollars per year and all funds are used to cover web-hosting only.

Dues are only required of members that wish to have their own page on the SWWISA website and are not a requirement for membership or to contribute to the parts library, tutorials, members area access, etc.

Email me, Uhlan, to ask questions and to join

Society of WWI Sim Artisans

Uhlan May 28 2003